Nepali Worker In Arab

Most of the youth of Nepal are keen in going foreign for job opportunities due to lack of employment opportunities in Nepal. Remittance has become the main source of income of Nepal. It is guessed that around 12 % of Nepalese people have problems of kidney.

Thousands of Nepalese people go to golf countries for job opportunities. In gulf countries, many people die because of different diseases among which damage of kidney is the main problem. Many people goes to hospital having damaged kidney among which, most of them are the people who have returned back from golf countries.

There is lack of drinking water in gulf countries. Nepalese labor have to do hard work and they sweat more. They do not drink required amount of water and as a result there occurs kidney failure. In these countries, green vegetable are expensive than meat products. Therefore, Nepalese people eat excessive meat due to which kidney failure occurs.

If we smoke at the time of difficulty due to unbalanced diet, kidney failure occurs. Obese also helps in kidney failure. The labor in gulf countries should drink at least 3 liters of water. We should also exercise for 30 to 45 minutes regularly.


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