Ko Bancha Crorepati gets its first season of winner but Cheque found to be fake…

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The reality programme of KO BANCHA CROREPATI gets his first Crorepati of its first season. Man named Rajiv Jain became the first person to be Crorepati in the reality show. His final question that made him to win the show was about the historical election date and after giving the right answer he was announced the man of the match.Talking about the winner he sounds supremely talented and extra-ordinary as he got a very good memory power of remembering things that is hardly remembered by the normal people in a daily basis.

After winning the game show he was hand over with the cheque of NR of One Crore but in an unexpected way the cheque controversy came into the highlight. Yes, when we see the cheque we could see that there is no code in there.

And most importantly the cheque has no any cheque number. The design of the cheque seems that it is just made to fool out the people who really thinks that this kind of programme does exist. And there are lot of negative comments in Social Media as the cheque is totally not giving any justice to the winner according to the bankers and experts.

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The Franchise of KO BANCHA COREPATI should understand that there are some expectations that an audience and the participant does but after this hilarious mistake by the TV Channel like AP1 and main franchise of the programme they should know that public are now very conscious and there are no such other ways to fool people nowadays. Many people and bankers have posted the comments and pictures of the Cheque which is getting trolled in the Social Media like anything.