Sonam Kapoor’s bold avatar gets viral on internet like a fire…(Photo feature)

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After getting married with Anand Ahuja Sonam their wedding affair was a sensational topic of B-Town. And Sonam is one of the actress who is not only known for her outstanding acting skills but she is an exemplary ultimate diva who creates a huge fashion invasion on Bollywood.

Her bold avatar and looks are getting viral on social internet these days and been limelight here and there. Sonam got married to her long time boy friend Anand Ahuja and set a trend of marriage goals to commoners and celebs in Bollywood.

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Sonam made her first appearance in an international Cannes festival and set a trend setter on Bollywood and her fashion sense is appreciated and being followed by her fans.Her bold looks are one of the hot topic and she is sometimes in the limelight because of her dressing sense and style.