Sweta Khadka Making A Comeback In Kollywood With Movie “HELLO JINDAGI”

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The beautiful actress of Nepali industry Sweta Khadka is making a come back. Yes, you heard it right after a very long gap she has announced the movie “HELLO JINDAGI” and she has shared it on her Facebook.

“I am extremely very happy and honored to be sharing this news with all of you. I received a very warm welcome by Lalitpur patriots cricket team chair person Mrs Shrijana Joshi into her team. She’s also the executive producer of production house Biranjana Entertentment has signed me for the movie “HELLO JINDAGI”. This will be my upcoming venture and I am very excited for this. I will be giving my level best for this movie. Thank you to respected Srijana Dijju,a multi talented and down to earth personality. Also a big thank you to the dynamic director Everst Surya bohora Sir. We will surely share this news in the press meet. Today will surely be one of the happiness and the most special day for me”

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After the untimely demise of husband and Actor Late Shree krishna Shrestha she was not ready for this approach and spend some of her time in doing noble cause like “Maji basti ” and now we can see her sharing the screen after a very long time. We wish this beautiful and very down to earth actress with all our best wishes.