Astrologer Arjun Chettri comes up in Media with his shocking revelation,Watch full video here.

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The very famous Astrologer who was mixed on Scandal Mr Arjun Chettri has come up again with the most shocking future prediction on media. He has already predicted that 2076 is going to be a total black year in Nepal and many other accidents is happening which results that his prediction are making history by time. Before he has been indulged on his great scandal from many people and astrologers have predicted that his visions are fake. But,when he come up with his prediction every act and prediction by him has been turn out to be truth.

In an exclusive interview he has shared that Nepal is also going to suffer from natural disaster like Earthquake,flood and storm and has said that this year is going to be black year of Nepal. He has said that the Western Region of Nepal is going to suffer from the natural disasters. He also talks reveals some of the shocking decisions in the politics of Nepal.Arjun Chettri also commented that the nuptial and Graha position of the planet of country is not in a good place which results in  social crimes like M****r, R**e and many more will come up in Nepal and over all this year is not going to be OK by far according to him.

Watch full video here.