Anjali Adhikari comes up with her thought about the Glabandi controversy song and many more(Watch video)

These days we get to hear lots of folk melodies on Nepali Music. This means that Nepalese are more over slanting towards Nepali folk tradition. Some music directors generates music in folk melodies,some on typical Nepali village language for lyrical part and some on old traditions. Currently, I guess musical taste of audiences has also changed majorly. Most of the Nepalese audiences phone playlist are filled with Folk song. So, music producers and composers are focusing more over to wards the audience taste. They generates the music which Nepalese audiences prefer to listen.

basically some of the better example of hit folk song that has been appreciated by not old adult and old ones but even youngsters prefer listening to the folk genre song. Some of the examples are Saal ko Paat Ko Tapari by Kulendra Bishwakarma, Prakash Saput’s ‘Galbandi’.These 2 songs literally broke the internet record of some other genre song by throbbing repeatedly on trending 1 on YouTube.

But, recently the news has shattered whole Nepal’s audiences where, Prakash Shaput’s Galbandi was declared to be cop*ed. The melody of Galbandi and Shambhu Rai’s old folk song melody happened to be almost similar.And in an exclusive interview with the Galbandi Queen and artist Anjali Sharma has to say something about this controversy have a quick look at the full video here.


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