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Gyanendra Shahi was declared not g*ilty! (Watch Video)

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After getting a**ested on May 29, Gyanendra Shahi along with Bhim Bahadur Shahi and 9 other anti co**uption campaigner were legally declared not g*ilty and were released on 8th of June 2019. The huge announcement was done by placing a press Meet at Nepal capital, Kathmandu on 8th june 2019. Gyanendra who was held into for a couple of days where he was be*ten br*tally was transferred to Trauma Centre in Kathmandu on May 30. Gyanendra has suffered injuries in his leg due to police br*t*lity while in custody. 32 years old Gyandendra Bahadur Shahi got a**ested from Sukhet Nepal on May 1st in charge of misbehaving with journalist. Watch an exclusive interview with Gyanendra Shahi.

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