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Renesha Bnatawa Rai and Prajwol SJB Rana comes exclusive on Malvika Subba Jiwan Sathi,which you should not miss to watch..

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Today on 7th of May 2018’s biggest release Intu Mintu London Ma director/choreographer Renasha Bantawa Rai and Producer Prajwal Shamser Rana officially wore a tag of ‘Happily Married’. They have had been in love with each other since 8 years. Renash Bantawa Rai did debut from Prajwal’s ‘Intu Mintu London Ma’. On 21st of April 2019 Renasha and Prajwal official got engaged.And they are now a very happy couple and seen recently in an exclusive interview On Malvika Subbas Jiwan Sathi and both of them have disclosed love life, and conjugal life and their overall experience after crossing so many years together and finally becoming man and woman.

To watch the full fun video click down the link below.



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