Meme Nepal’s Pranesh Gautam taken into custody! (Watch Video)

Stand up comedian Pranesh Gautam who is also a member of Meme Nepal was taken into judicial custody for making a review video of Milan Chams recently released movie ‘Bir Bikram 2’. He was taken to a police custody at Teku based Metropolitan Crime Division after his hearing at Kathmandu District Court on June 10.

Filmmaker Milan Chams filed a cybercrime case against Meme Nepal and member Pranesh Gautam saying their review defamed his movie and artist involved in it after the video by Meme Nepal’s Pranesh Gautam review circulated on social media so virally. Meanwhile, a lot of took social media for demanding a release of Pranesh Gautam #ReleasePraneshGautam as they see this act as attack on freedom of expression.

Watch Video…


Watch Video

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