Pashupati Sharma exclusively on Rishi Dhamala’s show “Janata Janna Chhanchha” !!! (Watch Video)

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Rishi Dhamala is one of the prominent journalist and also a founder of Nepali journalist association, Reporter’s Club Nepal. Rishi Dhamla got massive fame from a television show with the name “Dhamala Ko Hamala” where he invites different celebrities in the show and take their interviews . “Dhamala Ko Hamala” is one of the controversial show in Nepal. He also edit his own online news portal.

Rishi Dhamala’s show “Janata Janna Chhanchhan” which on air from Prime Times Television where he invites people who are going viral on social sites. This time Rishi has invited a most controversial singer of recent days Pashupati Sharma. Pashupati Sharma is non other than singer of most sensational and sarcastic song “Loot Kanchha Loot”. After the song was released singer was allegedly threatened by Nepal Communist Party (NCP)’s Youth Association Nepal to delete the song from internet. The song “Loot Kanchha Loot” highlighted unrealistic government policy and people who have suffered from unemployment and corruption in Nepal.The episode which was released on 17th of February is now floating on trending 5.

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