Pathari Kanda : After 9 days of indecent Rina’s final cremation!

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After 9 days of Pathari Kanda Victim Rina Basnet’s body which was found dead at Pathari Bazaar in Morang was carried off to Rina’s Family for final cremation. 29 years old Rina Basnet from Pathari, Morang was found flinged naked dead in front of her residential flat.

Meanwhile the investigation the situation of Pathari in Morang was flared tension with huge protest over Rina’s mysterious death, the Bureau of Science also divulged the report saying that Rina was not murdered. The post-mortem report does not seem to be a murder case, but it seems as if the dead occurred due to sever injury. Rina was not raped and murdered rather she was pregnant.

The actual case of death is not clear yet! But during an investigation the research team did arrest suspicious accuse KamaL Nepal,who is Rina’s boyfriend.