Sushma’s statement on pooja Sharma- ‘I am ashamed to see heroine of Nepal’.

Pooja sharma’s badly trolled in social media.

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Shushma’s Statement on pooja – I am ashamed to see the heroine of Nepal. The latest controversy in Nepali Film Industry after the shocking revelation of Samragyee against the violation and harassment given by director and producer of Nepali industry, another shameful interview of well known actress Pooja Sharma has come up.In an interview with Rishi Dhamala, while Dhamala was asking to the actress about the political issue an unexpected incident happened. While she was asked that how many districts and provinces are there in Nepal? Even a child reading this in 5th grade can give the answer. Nepal has 77 districts,14 zones and 7 states.But,Pooja who is an actress of Nepali film industry has made Nepal in 14 districts from 77 districts. Pooja Sharma here has foolishly expressed that she doesn’t have general knowledge of how many districts and province are in Nepal as being a Nepali citizen.

The video clip of the wrong answer about the number of Nepal’s District in an interview has been viral on social media for a few days.The interviewer Rishi Dhamala interviewed her around 3 months ago in Prime TV. Even this video was removed from YouTube but the video of answer given by pooja is lit.Many people trolled pooja for being a Nepali and being unknown about the districts of Nepal. Meanwhile,actress Sushma Karki has shared in her instagram story ‘I am ashamed to see how many districts and province are in Nepal. They both shared rivalry relations with each other from past days.This is why pooja is also going on the mark of sushma.