Glamorous Actress Aditi Budhathoki looks sizzling hot in those black bikins.

Click here ro see her latest sizzling pictures.

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The millons of heart throb Aditi Budhathoki is a talk of the town.She has recently posed for a photoshoot and she looked ravishingly gorgeous.She looked hot in those black bikinis where she is giving a major throw back to the summer and give us a cosy slush in this winter too.Here are some of her sizzling pictures that we cant take off our eyes.

Aditi is not only famous in Nepal but also in India as she has signed a contract with one of the biggest music companies ‘Sony’.She appeared in a Punjabi Music video ‘Step Cut’ by Sandeep Brar in 2017.

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She has modeled for various Indian online shopping stores like ‘Blinge’, ‘Amazon’ etc. She has also been a face in many Nepali magazines such as ‘M&S’, ‘Nari’, ‘Navyata’ etc.

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