Priyanka Chopra Shares her Karwa chauth 2020 looks with hubby Nick Jonas.

Priyanka Chopra shares her karwa chauth looks,click here to see the pictures.

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Priyanka Chopra got married in December 2018 with an American pop star and actor Nick Jonas. While their union was a confluence of East and West, the two never miss away from embracing each other’s religion and cultural heritage.

On Thursday, Priyanka celebrated Karva Chauth and also shared pics on social media. In one of the pictures, she is seen carrying her customary puja thali for the auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth. In another pic, she is seen cozying up with her hubby Nick.

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Her looks is definately elegant and she looked even more beautiful in her red saree, which she has matched with a golden sleeveless blouse. Priyanka looks every bit of a desi girl in her Karva Chauth look and we are smitten with her ethnic look.

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