Reema Bishwokarma Enjoying in Maldives after the Comedy Champion Final

The ‘Comedy Champion’ is all set to make a new show as soon as it’s finished. The show was hosted by heroine and model Reema Biswakarma. Reema, who has not been able to leave Nepal while hosting the show, has reached Maldives this time. Reema, who starred in the movie ‘Yesterday’s Thing’, got good talk as host of the show.

Probably, he must have gone to Maldives to forget about this fatigue. At the same time, the government is now urging citizens not to go abroad except for the urgent work.

On social networks, some have even questioned Reema why she went abroad in such a situation. However, in the picture posted by Reema on social media, she is enjoying swimming. The Maldives is one of the most popular destinations for Bollywood celebrities.

Now, The Maldives Country is slowly becoming a center of attraction for Nepali artists too.


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