Priyanka Karki chilling with girl gang in Pokhara, bikini pictures goes viral on internet..

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The very hot and bold  multi starer actress Priyanka Karki is undoubtedly the goddesses of Fashion and style.She comes up every time with her unbeatable fashion sense and most of the time she is in the limelight for her fashion statement that blows everybody’s mind away .

Now,in Nepal summer hits us hard and all we could do is to chill with the favourite person in the pool side like Priyanka is doing. Yes, she is enjoying the hot heated summer with her girl gangs in Pokhara where we could see the girls having so much fun together.

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And in a very surprising note as always these pictures are being captured by her fiance Ayushman Deshraj Joshi where the gang of girls looked super sultry and sensational at the same time. Priyanka never misses an opportunity to enjoy life and of course the way she enjoys every bit of her life at her best is always inspiring to us.

She looked hot  in her black monokini bikini with the hat on her head which looks super cool fashion outfit to jump into the pool.