Shilpa Shetty and hubby Raj Kundra heading for a divorce and the reason might shock you too.

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The very hot and beautiful actress who is known for her outstanding figure and her latkas-jhatkas Shilpa Shetty Kundra is now seems to be in a trouble. Yes,there is a rumour that her hubby Raj Kundra and Shilpa are not happy with their conjugal life and heading for the Divorce soon.

The news is yet to be confirmed but according to the rumour in the Bollywood they are not living together and Raj is spending most of his time on his office and comes home to just to change his dress. Isn’t that is sad for poor shilpa oh no. But Shilpa’s mother is doing an exercise for their good relationship and expects all goes well. According the close source shilpa’s mother has also given shilpa some tips to make things goes normal as it was before. Now we just have to wait and watch how things will come up.

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It is the second marriage of the business man Raj kundra where he has already a baby girl from his first wife and she was just 6 months old when her parents got separated.

There were a huge allegations to Shilpa by the first wife of Raj Kundra that Shilpa has cleverly snatched her hubby from her and has destroyed her family life into pieces. But after hearing such a shocking news that they are not happy together it is a bit sad as they also have their son.