Press Statement issued by The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal where it elucidate about Rachana Gurung’s ungracious manner with contestant Ashmita Maharjan !

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After a heavy flood of noxious commentary by audience of Nepal to Miss Nepal Judge Rachana Gurung Sharma the Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal had issued the Press statement saying that, “The Hidden Treasure is concerned by the issue raised in the social media recently and would like to put the issues in its correct perspective. Candidates’ sitting in any tests, exams or interviews can face some tough questions. This done in order to fine out frame of mind, level of comfort, confidence and ability of the candidates to tackle the questions in a way that brings out the best from them. Not to intimidate, belittle or fail them in the interviews Such deeds are conducted without any ill intention or to harm, hassle or to tarnish the image of the candidate.”

After a video of Miss Nepal 2019 audition was dropped on Youtube within a second of getting unveiled the venom comments and trolls started to rag the social sites. In a video we can dapple a girl in her specs comes to give her audition in front of Miss Nepal event managers, Choreographer and Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi and Miss Nepal 2013 Ishani Shrestha. In a video Miss Nepal Choreographer/Judge Rachana Gurung Sharma is trying to rebuke the contestant because of her looks and her appearance. Contestant was identified to be 22 years Ashmita Maharjan from Dhapakhel, Lalitpur who is currently doing her bachelors degree in computer Engineering.

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