Watch an exclusive video of Ae Mero Hajur’s post release promotional event! (Photo/Video Feature)

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Mega Star Anmol K.C’s 7th venture and Suhana Thapa’s debute ‘Ae Mero Hajur 3’ which is directed by Actress turned director Jharana Thapa has been dropped officially on over all Nepal’s cinema theaters. Though the movie is a debut for Suhana but has been able to carry on a legacy of her mom Jharana Thapa.

Most of the audiences have been admiring the on screen chemistry of Anmol K.C and Suhana Thapa undoubtedly. Anmol, Jharana and Suhana can be dappled getting involved in post release promotional event of ‘Ae Mero Hajur-3’. Movie made under a banner ‘Suhana Entertainment’ is produced by Sunil Kumar Thapa and directed by Jharana Thapa.

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