How to take a special care of your skin on Winter? Tips to have flawless skin on winter season.

Basic winter skin care routines,Read here to have a healthy glowing skin in winter.

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Winters are here and it is a very special time to take extra care of our skin and follow basic routines to keep our skin glowing even in this chilly weather.

Skin Care


Winters are here so is the time of dull, dry and pale skin – all thanks to this chilling cold weather. The condition worsens as we enjoy all the winter ‘comforts’ like heaters and blowers, getting out in the sun and taking hot water. So, it is time to take a very extra care of our skin and follow basic routines to keep our skin glowing even in this freezing weather. A little effort and time can go a long way in getting soft, supple and healthy looking skin. These are some simple and natural tips which you can fond helpful to have a glowing skin.

1. Moisturise Your Skin

Moisturising is one of the most important steps that one must do to have a glowing skin in winters. It helps to keep our skin hydrated. You can choose a natural moisturisers like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, buttermilk, and Ghonson baby oil to make your skin hydrated.And also not to forget the moisturosing Lotions to keep your skind soft and supple.

2. Drink plenty of Water Regularly

During winters, we tend to ignore to drink water as we feel less dehydrated; however, we lose water from our body in so many ways unkwoingly So, it is imperative to drink plenty water even during cold winter days. The water helps us ro Refill our system which results to get a glowing skin without having dullness anymore.

3. Wash Your Face With Lukewarm Water

Hot showers in winters may give us a relax to our muscles, but it can worse your skin condition than you imagined. It makes your skin dry and flaky. The effects are even more shocking  if you have a sensitive skin. We cannot switch to cold water bath,but we can definitely save our facial skin by washing it with lukewarm water. This way you wouldn’t feel cold and also wouldn’t loose the natural oils  from your face.

4.wear your sun Block and keep your skin healthy

It is very obious that in winters the layer of the skin gets very dry and dull so to aviod the dryness and it is winter so we will be exposing ourself in the heat much, so it is a must you wear the favorite and suitable Sun Block.of your skin type.

5.Dont forget to Cleanse your Face

It is so much important to make your skin breathe. So cleansing is must and even more in winters so dont forget or skip these beauty routines.It gives extra glow to your skin .