11-point agreement between the independent Madhes faction with government along with the CK Raut leadership.

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24 February, Kathmandu There is a 11-point agreement between the independent Madhes faction of the government and the CK Raut leadership.

In the presence of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal and Raut have signed the agreement. The first point of consensus has accepted the integrity of the country and the government will withdraw the issue on coalition workers.

The agreement Is done between the government and the independent Madhes coalition which is according to the aggrement must be acknowledged by the federal democratic, autonomous sovereignty of the sovereign nation. The unsatisfaction shown by the Terai Madhes has also been agreed to resolve the democratic system based on public interest.

Similarly, the leader of the independent Madhes l alliance has not agreed to publish the book, and not been ready for the publicity and flag related to the preaching propaganda in the future and will not distribute such promotional material in the coming days.

The leaders of the independent Madhes movement have agreed to do no action against the state to organize workers, supporters of union and settlement of the mainstream, to settle the workers in Nepal. Ramanohar Yadav, coordinator of Azad Madhes group said that, died in custody, has also agreed to give proper compensation for the state and employment to one person.

The government has agreed to take responsibility for the treatment of those injured during the movement of independent Madhes alliance.