This is how Mothers Day is celebrated in Nepal today.

Happy Mothers day to every mothers around the world.

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Every Year on the day of Baisakh Krishna Pakshya Ausi, the festival of looking at the mothers face is being celebrated with the reverence and devotion by giving sweet food and clothes to the mother. According to our Hindu Vedic culture Mothers love and devotion is valued more than God,Father and Pandits. Today is selected to be one of the pure day to celebrate and cherish the love of the mother.

Today from early morning people from different places come to see and visit to mother and offer her gifts and love. Due to Covid there is still lockdown in Nepal so with these we could see lots of people who are posting pictures of Mother in Social Media and has expressed to meet her soon after the lockdown is over. If someone has lost their mother then he or she offers Tarpan or Pooja or do Sida dan in the name of their Mothers.

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers who have always loved their children unconditionally.