Anju Panta dispensing Bible in a name of Reliefs!

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Prominent versatile female singer who had have been giving her melodious voice in most of the blockbuster movie is majorly dragged into a controversy because of her Christine religion. Few years ago Anju Panta had apologized to her fans for her venom critics towards the Hindu hymns. According to report it was also said that she refused to sing a song demurring that the lyrics of the song contained Hinduism words. Anju even averred that her Christianity doesn’t permit her to sing such songs. For all this reason she has always been tugged into a controversies related to Christianity.

Anju Panta Foundation which is named after singer Anju was established by her caring an objective “To support needy children for their quality education in Nepal. To care and support oppressed and destitute woman in Nepal. To work on anti human trafficking movement. To dissemination and preserve of Nepali music and literature.” So, foundation has been helping different backward Nepalese society and people who have been living in a paucity of education, sanitation, money, food and individuals who have been victims of many devastating natural disasters.

Few days prior, Southern Part of Nepal where 31 life were divulged to be dead and more than six hundreds of life injured due to a devastating rainstorm. Anju Panta foundation also aimed to provide the relief funds to the victims of rainstorm where the singer was dappled with a bunch of Bible books along side the collected reliefs. Early morning the picture of Anju Panta where we can be discern her alongside her collected reliefs and bunch of Bible books which was inside a van gone viral on Internet.