Astrologer Arjun Chettri’s Real Face Exposed on media .

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The most sensational news comes and goes but astrology Arjun Chettri name became the hot cake of the town
He was known for face reading and predicting the future. This was not digested by many people and calls him fake. He became the sensational person. But this issue was not accepted by the Respected Astrologer of the town.

Chettri predicted about Nirmala pant issues, plane crash and king coming to Nepal.
He also added that there are many mistakes of media taking the interview and going through the respected organization of that events.

Chettri added that people should go to the respected organization rather than coming to astrologers for the issue that country is going through. And also accepts his mistakes and wants to make them clear and there wont be repeating this kind of issue again. But also added that face reading is scientific and have logic like astrology.