Ba 2 Kha 7242 number bus met an a**ident at Ramechhap where 2 people divulged to be de*d and 20 got injured

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13th of June 2 people found to be de*d on Ramechhap, Nepal bus a**ident. Among 20 people 7 people divulged to be severely injured in an a**ident. After an investigation the people who found to de*d were identified to be Uddhav Gautam and Hari Bahadur Karki originally from Ramechhap Doramba VDC 6 Lakhanpur.

Both the dec*ase di*d during the treatment at Kathmandu based Dhulikhel Hospital. According to Ramechhap District Police Office, Ba 2 Kha 7242 number bus which was travelling back from Kathmandu to Ramechhap Lakhanpur, Rattey met an a**ident at Araniko Koshi. According to an investigation, “Bus was found 200 meter down at Araniko, Koshi.”