Barsha and sanjog romancing at Italy, Rome! (Photo Feature)

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After 3 month grand wedding Barsha Raut and Sanjog Koirala flew off for their Honeymoon trip to Rome. The duo have shared their picture and video stories all the way from Colosseum/Coliseum which is located at Rome,Italy. Barsha’s better half Sanjog took his official instagram account to share his picture. He writes, ” Rome wasn’t built in a day Read it. Now getting to know it better.”

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"Rome wasnt built in a day" Read it. Now getting to know it better.

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Indeed! Having been together for over seven years, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Barsha and Sanjog definitely come a long way as far as their relationship is concerned. They had their own share of highs and lows with some also speculating how their love life had hit a rough patch at one point in time. But whatever the past is, today they are here looking as happy as ever wearing their ‘married’ tag with pride and embarking on this new journey called ‘and they lived happily ever after’….