Car acc*dent update : 5 people of the family found to be d***h on the spot in a car accident..

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It is not so new to us that acc*dent are happening around the globe which is sad to hear. Another car acc*dent just took place in Odissa State and the  car got hit by truck, in this accident 5 people were found to be de*th on the spot.

And 2 people were found to be injured and the exact location of this accident took place in the main highway of Bhawanipatna 26.According to the police administartion the car was badly hit by the truck with a huge speed and refer to Bisakhapatna hospital for further treatment. People who lost their life were Ashutosh behara,Brother Jagnnath,Son bikki and 2 grandsons. Whereas Daughter in law Niviya Behera and house maid were injured and taken to hospital immediately.