Fact about Fest of Colours Holi “Victory of good over evils” !

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Hindu spring fest Holi is celebrated predominantly in India and Nepal. This festive is also known as ‘Festival of colors/Festival of Love’. The festive signifies a victory of good over evil. Ending of winter and arrivals of Spring Holi is celebrated as a thanks giving for a good harvest.

According to Hindu mythology Holi title name came from ‘Holika’ who was a sister of demon king ‘Hiranyakashyap’. According to Hindu mythology evil king Hiranyakashyap forbade his son Prahlad from worshiping Lord Vishnu. Despite his father’s denial Prahlad worshiped lord Vishnu. So, Hiranyakasyap ordered Prahlad to sit on pyre along with Holika in fire. However, Holika was immune to fire and she was sister of Hiranyakasyp. And when they lit a fire, Holika burnt to de*th in-spite of her immunity to fire and miraculously Prahlad was saved because he prayed for lord Vishnu during that event. Thus, the burning of Holika is celebrated as Holi. This story is also narrated as “Victory of good over evils”