Happy belated Birthday to the beautiful actress of K-Town Jassita Gurung..

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The very bold and beautiful actress of Nepali industry Jassita Gurung turend 23 today. And undoubtedly in a very short time she has grabbed all the attention of public by giving hit movies back to back in Lilly Billy,Love Station and so on.

Her chemistry with the very chocolatey hero of Kollywood Pradip Khadka is being loved by the audiences and there is no turning back for this duo after giving back to back hit together.

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Talking about Jassita she was born on July 23, 1994, in Pokhara which is one of the most beautiful places of Nepal. She has spent most of her childhood days in  Pokhara and later on she moved to the UK with her family.

She was one of those kinda girl who was very much interested and curious for glamorous world.During her early age of childhood she was interested in dancing. She did some of her modelling and dance training when she was in her high school. She used to participate in several dancing competition.And on a very surprising note she is the winner of Biggest Dancing Show which was held in U.K.

After that Milan Champs has approached her to make a huge entry on kollywood. And then she shined on the sky of Nepali Film Industry.Today on her special day we would like to wish her a happy belated birthday may she comes with a lots of hit back to back.

Here are some of her breathtaking pictures that gives every one jaw dropping expression.