Pooja-Aakash fan club decides to donate Nrp.1,17,000 to Siyona for her treatement.

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On the occasion of Aakash Shrestha’s Birthday, Pooja & Aakash’s fan club decides to donate NRP 1,17,000 (One lakh and seventeen thousand Rupees) to ill child Siyona Shrestha for her treatment. Pooja Sharma and Aakash Shrestha are considered to be one of the most admired couple in Kollywood industry. Social media (Pooja-Aakash Fan Club) indeed proves that the duo genuinely own’s  huge number of fan and well wishers.

Siyona Shrestha a 13 months old girl from Nepal, who is suffering from a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type-1. SMA is a type of disease which is usually caused due to the deficiency of Protein. Non of the countries inside Asia had a proper cure for SAM. The cure was only available in USA with at least $2.3 million for the treatment.