Pooja Sharma: Nepal’s highest paid actress (Photo Feature)

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While the Kollywood actresses nowadays are getting a huge momentum for their work, on the other hand, they’re also sometimes paid more than the actors alongside them. Pooja Sharma is also one of the highest paid actress in Nepali movie industry.

Recently, she signed contracted with a record of 2 million rupees for her next ventral movie ‘Poi Paryo Kaale’. 2018 release ‘Timi Sanga’ director and writer Shishir Rana signed a contract by providing two millions to Pooja Sharma. Aakash Shrestha and Pooja Sharma has been final cast for the movie ‘Poi Paryo Kaale’ whereas, Pooja Sharma’s co-star Aakash Sharma has signed the movie contract in just rupees 18 lakhs.