Priyanka Karki : First Ambassador from Nepal to the Cannes film festival 2019! (Photo Feature)

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72nd annual Cannes Film Festival is currently being held at Cannes,France form 14th of May to 25th of May 2019. Various global icons from world wide have been making their appearance on this ongoing Cannes Film Festival. For the first time one of the most talented, bold and beauty with brain actress Priyanka Karki will be taking part in Cannes 2019 Film Festival. Not Kidding! Priyanka Karki has been selected as an first Ambassador from Nepal to the Cannes film festival. Allegedly Priyanka will be making her appearance on the red carpet in 20th of May.

Recently, Priyanka shared her pictures on her Instagram where she captioned the pictures, “Thank you NEPAL for showering me with so much love, support and appreciation. I will do my best to make us all proud. This one, is absolutely for NEPAL!
#cannes2019 #nepal”

“My super amazing team who helped me get this layout together. I can never thank you enough my sweetest @meiilanvisualarts for agreeing to come down from so far at such a short notice and shooting until after midnight with me last night. @bishwasfotography you are the sweetest and I love you, you know it. Thank you for last night. And finally, met this amazing talent bag Abhilog (@abhilogy101) who made this illustration and got the layout ready so fast. Your work is incredible. Keep shining the brightest ⭐

@siwangi you incredible thing of flesh and bones. I am so lucky to have you as my best friend, someone who knows me in and out and loves me regardless. Your designs are unmatchable and I cannot wait to flaunt them at the red carpet with you by my side (yes, she is going with me)
Thank you for agreeing to work at such short notice and doing my hair and make up @maskey.sakchhi. You are magic. And my baby girl Riri, you were our rock last night. Thank you for everything babygirl. Rekha mamu, you have been my guardian, my mentor and have looked after me as I ran around preparing for everything. You are gold mamu❤
And my most precious @shreya.pinches , you are the energy that keeps me going. You are love. Thank you for all the last minute arrangements yet again.”

“It is an absolute honor to represent Nepal and walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. It has always been a dream from as long as I can remember and every year when I saw prominent figures walk the carpet, I used to tell myself ‘ONE DAY’ and that day is finally here. I will be attending 4 events this year at the Cannes and my participation will be from May 20-24, 2019.
Thank you so much Sir Richard Neilsson, Sir Alian Lesueur, Khen Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee Lama, Sir Tenzing Bhutia (Vajrakilya Productions) for giving me this honor to represent Nepal at this prestigious film festival.
Also, special thank you to His Excellency Mr Francois-Xavier LEGER, French Ambassador to Nepal, Mr Arnaud Champy, Deputy Chief of Mission, French Embassy, Deepesh Kumar Bidari, Chargé de Mission, French Embassy, Ms. Raveena Desraj Shrestha and Mr. Anil Keshary Shah. Thank you for helping me with everything❤”