Priyanka Karki : How To Use Pad? (Watch Video)

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Priyanka and Aayushman’s “Aayanka Foundation” in collaboration with Panchakanya Foundation decides built a women friendly toilet in three schools at Dhanusha district. Foundations had decided to built 2 toilets, plant 9 trees, dustbins, and dispense school bags in each schools of Dhanusha district. Also in association with KGH Foundation, they had manifested to distribute 20 pounds of reusable Sanitary Pads kit for female. The entire program of distribution is being help on Janata Secondary School, Haripur Nigahapur Secondary School and Aadharbhut Secondary School of Dhanusha district.

Foundation president also a very beautiful, bold and talented actress of Nepal Priyanka Karki, Treasurer Aayushman DS Joshi and an adviser Saroj Oli were seen giving awareness to females about Menstruation in an event.Specially, Priyanka Karki enlightened about the cleanliness that every female should be concerned during their menstrual period and trained every women how to use the reusable pads during menstrual period.

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