Ranbir-Deepika proved that even Exes can be a real good friends! (Photo Feature)

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Alia-Deepika and Ranveer-Rabir proved to the entire world that even Exes can also friends. Some people who are mature enough to understand that not every relationship is meant to survive forever. Just because you cannot stay lovers, it doesn’t mean that you cannot remain friends an well. Once upon a time Deepika and Ranbir where most adored couple in whole B-Town, they were always vocal about their affair and Deepika even dedicated a tattoo to her Ex-boyfriend Ranbir.

But, unfortunately they were not meant to be together. Now, Deepika is happily married with actor Raveer Singh and indeed Rabir is also happy with Alia Bhatt. In recently held Filmfare Award 2019 these both duo were dappled sitting along side. Rabir – Raveer where they both were discerned as if they are bestest friends since a long time as well as Alia with Deepika.