Rihana Shekh “Bride Burn Victim of Nepal” seek for Justice!!!

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Abuse against women has been prevalent in our society ever since we can remember. Even though we’ve been fighting a social evil like dowry since ages now, it is still one of the main reasons of domestic abuse against women. In another horrifying incident of dowry related burn case in Bake of Nepal.

24 years old Rihana Shekh from Bake was viciously burned by her in-laws over dowry. 7 Years ago her father was able to provide only a small dowry. It was not long before her husband demanded more dowry. She told him her family couldn’t do it. For months, he abused her repeatedly. When she was seven months pregnant, her husband came home late and drunk and asked her for food. When she brought food then he battered and hit her, tied up her legs and hands. Her Mother in law poured kerosene on her and her husband lit the match. Neighbors rushed over and put out the fire.

She alleges that its already been 5 years of this indecent but yet she hasn’t evoke with justice. She also alleges that her husband and her Mother in law who were the main accuse are not being a seized legitimately.