Sabitri Subedi’s real face exposed on media ..

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The jay nari named Social momenter Sabitri Subedi real face has been exposed by her parents. And the very shocking news has come up that she has filed the case against her own parents and took 5lakh rupees from them.

The issue for filling the case was nothing but according to them she has filed the case just because according to them she has got mental and emotional pressure from them. And this statement was given by her father. Sabitri is known for helping the woman in difficulty and was an example for many woman but her real face was exposed by her own parents .

This is really saddening to hear as many so called good people have been covered with 2 faces. And there are lot of questions for her for leaving her parents and being contact less for ages.
She was a weapon for those woman who have been suffering through violence and societies pressure. But after this statement by her own parents wlll she be again able to maintain the same dignity as before ?