Saraswati Rai found hung at Bahara Pokhari VDC 6! (Photo Feature)

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Today early morning a tragic news of a girl dappled hanging hit the whole social site. The girl was identified to be Saraswati Rai from Bahara Pokhari VDC 6. According local residence, 2 months before Saraswati Rai was legally and socially married to Baraha Pokhari VDC 6 residence Nar Bahadur Rai.

On 2076 Jestha 9 Saraswati Rai was found hung near her in-laws home side and several injuries was divulged on her body. Decease Saraswati Rai’s family clamors for justice and ask for an execution of mu*de*er. Further investigation is going on.. detail report is yet to come!