Singapore bars travellers from Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Singapore announced bars for the travellers who have travelled recently to Nepal,Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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Singapore, has announced a  bid to shield its citizens from another COVID-19 outbreak, it has barred travelers with a travel history to Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan. The barred nations are considered in a very high-risk for now as they are currently seeing another outbreak of the highly infectious virus. The ban is imposed on travellers who have been to any of the four nations in the past 14 days.
Previously, the  travellers with travel history to these nations over the past 14 days of their departure to Singapore were only required to go into 14-day quarantine at special COVID facilities. Singapore government has also revised its rules for travellers with the travel history to Thailand, and travellers will be served with 14-day stay at home notices if they have been to Thailand over the past 14 days. This will be mandatory and unlike before, one cannot skip out of the same. The ban has been lead by a sharp increase in the number of COVID cases in these countries. Singapore has also announced reduced capacity for malls to avoid the COVID-19 outbreak.