Sishir Bhandari celebrated 9 lakh subscriber by cutting cake…(Helpled Snehi kakh Nepal )

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Today is the famous media personality Sishir Bhandari channel Naya Naya news Nepal birthday. Yes, He has expressed his gratitude and thankfulness to the subscribers of his Channel Naya Naya News Nepal. And this celebration was done in Snehi kakh Nepal.

As the subscribers of Naya Naya News Nepal extended to 9 lakh and this occasion was celebrated in Nepal Snehi kakh who are working for the poor and differently able people. They cut the cake and celebrated the work and success of Naya Naya News Nepal. They also donated 7 thousand rupees to Nepal Snehi Kakh organization and helped them economically. Sishir added about the work Snehi Kakh Nepal and shared his success bash with the people of the organization.

We wish the hero of media and people with all his best and good luck for his upcoming venture .