Some bizarre facts about North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un wife Ri Sol-Ju (Photo Feature)

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North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is a country in East Asia. Kim Jong Un is the first and youngest leader of North Korean. Most of the country consider North Korea as a brutal country among all. Ri Sol-Ju who is the wife of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, is just another part of Kim’s life that has been kept under foil. But lately, after Kim’s China tour, more information about his bizarre wife has been divulged.

So, some of Ri Sol-Ju’s surprising facts are as follows:

1.Her first public appearance was at Kim Joung IL’s funeral in 2011.


2. Till 2012 her identity was kept secret.

3.She was kept out of public for year after her marriage and during her pregnancy.

4. Apparently she hasn’t even turned of 30.

5.She studies singing in China.

6.She was criticized for her expensive taste and accessories.

7.No one knows when did she married Kim Joung Un.