Some rare picture of raining “Miss Nepal World 2019” Anushka Shrestha ! (Photo Feature)

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Many Many congratulations to our Raining Miss Nepal World 2019 Anuskha Shrestha. Triumphing over 24 other competitors in Miss Nepal she has been able to bag a title of “Miss Nepal World 2019” on May 9. She was crowned by our former “Miss Nepal World 2018” Shrinkhaka Khatiwada.

Answering excellently to a question raised by Chief Judge Ila Sharma to final seven contestants: “If we focus more on our duties, responsibilities rather than focusing just on our rights and our freedom we can make this world a better place. What do you think?”

Where Anushka’s answered, “I completely agree with that statement, that focusing on our responsibilities more than our rights which certainly change things for the better. Rights and Responsibilities are two parts of a coin, we have been hearing that and we have talked a lot about what should be done to us but it is high time we ask ourselves what am i doing? To ask ourselves to be able to look ourselves in the mirror and say i have fulfilled all my rights. Therefore i can out my hand on my heart and say i deserve this, to be able to do that, One surely needs to fulfill our right including citizen as a person, as a friend, as partner all our rights. Only when we fulfill our responsibilities can we ask for our rights be give it to us? Thank-you. ”