The Citizens Investment Fund has brought a pension program to all Nepalese


Kathmandu The Citizens Investment Fund has started a citizen pension scheme to provide pensions to all Nepalese. The Citizens Pension Scheme is aimed at Nepalese who are affiliated with a profession or business and earn a regular income.
Owners of closed trade can also participate in the pension scheme brought by the fund. The scheme will also include those who are working for the job. Indra Kumar Kattel informed.

Those who have participated in the Citizens Pension Scheme have the facility of getting out of the pension scheme. According to Kattel, arrangements have been made for his wife or wife to get the full pension in case of death of a person who participates in the pension scheme.
Likewise, up to 5 percent of the amount deposited in the fund can be borrowed, from Rs 100 per month, the number can be deposited in the number of escapees, and those who are in foreign employment can also participate in the scheme.

Here are the features of the scheme


Under this scheme, income earners, workers / employees working in the associations, institutions and establishments established in accordance with the prevailing law, Nepalese citizens in general and non-resident and foreign employment in self-employment will be able to participate.

Save limit

Savers who participate in this program can deposit up to 5 rupees in maximum monthly capacity from Rs. Deposits can be made monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or even annually, depending on the income of the saver. When submitting such an installment, you will have to submit it in a monthly manner not less than Rs 500.

The amount to be submitted regularly

The participant will have to submit the amount according to his / her chosen installment regularly. Unless such time has been filed, the deferred fee fixed by the fund may be adjusted regularly.

A state of separation from the plan

If the saver’s income source is lost or unable to generate income due to disability or if the resident goes to other countries, then this scheme can be separated. In this way, the savers will have to complete at least two years of regular savings as per the condition. In such a case, a lump sum payment will be made in the name of the Savior.

Status of Pension Eligibility
– To receive the pension, the saver must have completed sixty years of age and contributed at least 15 years.
– Survivors can take a one-time payment or a pension as a pension without saving 15 years.
– Participants who have deposited in other fund schemes or from the minimum wages of the participant’s remuneration or self-employment will be allowed to participate in the scheme.

Pension calculation method

Participants will receive a lifetime pension each month for the life of their partner, including their savings, their interest and the investment return of the fund.

Spouse receives a pension

– In case of death of the participant who receives the pension, the deceased spouse will be paid the family pension exactly as he / she receives. However, this feature will not be provided if the participant has a shared relationship with them or if the marriage is not maintained.

– In case of death of both the survivor and his wife or wife after the commencement of retirement, the remaining amount in the name of the person concerned in the fund will be provided to the legal rights of the person.

– If any survivor dies before attaining retirement age, the proceeds will be paid in full to his nearest claimant, including his interest and return. – If the person receiving pension from Government of Nepal or elsewhere is eligible for pension contribution by contributing to the fund, there will be no obstruction in getting pension from the fund.

Fundraising method

– The participating savers can deposit the funds to the bank account specified by the fund either through voucher or through electronic payment. The depositor will have to give the information to the fund after the deposit is deposited in the bank. The Fund will have no liability for the funds unless the funds have been credited to the account specified by the Fund.
– When depositing the funds, the name of the respective participating saver and the identification number provided by the fund must be specified.
– The depositor shall have the obligation to provide the correct name and identification number provided by the fund at the time of deposit. The Fund will not be responsible for the funds being deposited with the wrong name or identification number. Interest and returns will be paid on the amount deposited in the fund – The interest deposit will be calculated quarterly on the basis of the daily balance, as determined by the committee from time to time.

Satisfaction and Other Facilities to the Participants

– Funds can be provided to the participating savers of the scheme up to a maximum of 80% of the amount deposited in their name.
– In case of death of the Savior, ten thousand rupees will be made available to his nearest dependent family member or heirs for the funeral.
– Savings facility can be provided at the cost of medical treatment at the private hospital designated by the fund.
– In case of death of the survivor in the accident, the nearest beneficiary will be provided Rs one lakh for accident insurance.


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