The man with Golden heart,Sitaram Kattel immediate help to the affected area of Bara from massive Thunderstorm and Hurricane..

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DurmusSuntali Foundation has helped to more than 400 family of the affected area of Bara District.

There are many idol people who work selflessly for the goodwill of nation,society and for the people who are in the need. And talking about the idol couple who are not only fine artist but also a well reputed and respected Social Worker. From establishing the Mushahar Basti to recent Bara Thunderstorm and hurricane affected place.

Yes,just yesterday in the different regions of Terai Bara and Parsa District we could hear the impact of rain,hurricane which has affected many family and people.
After this the Social worker and contributor Sitaram Kattel along his DurmusSuntali Foundation has helped with basic materials of Rahat Samagree.

He has distributed the funds (Rice,biscuits,clothes) to more than 400 family of the affected area.With this emotional attachment of helping hands to the needy People they have set an example that if there is a will to help to anyone in the need then nobody can stop you. We would like to salute the entire team of DurmusSuntali Foundation and everyone who has made their effort to enhance the life of the needy one.