The Most Beautiful Girl of the world who Looks Identical To A Real Life Barbie…

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The world is associated with so many different ideologies but there is certain kind of mindset that will never change. If we suggest or ask to some people to think or define about the most beautiful girl in the world, then we get the maximum people with an imagine of a fair skin woman with the most beautiful eyes. But this statement now is going to totally change as today we are presenting you the most beautiful model who is not fair. But has the black skin tone and origin and surprisingly looks like real life Barbie doll. And we have no doubt that you will also fall in love with her.

Well, many beauty contest and maximum number of people have the ideology on beauty, where fair skin is the most beautiful and they are most deserving candidate to rule the world, but here is the woman with her melanin skin and her beauty which made the world bow on her beauty.

Duckie Thot is a 21 year old model with the most beautiful skin ever. She has always been mistaken as the real life barbie doll. But she became the talk on the Hollywood when she achieved popularity in Australia’s Next Top Model. But ways were not easy before reaching to the stardom it was a very tough for her as she faced so many criticism that came her way.But now she is super successful and international model with everything she wanted and deserves. Here are some of her pictures that will blow your mind right away.