The recorded voice behind NTC and Ncell call service are Bhumika and Subani! (Watch Video)

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Whenever our phone is engaged or if we are not being able to contact any person when we want to or else whenever we have any queries about telecom system then we always hear a recorded sound of female.

When we try to contact and could not reach at that moment that suddenly the recorded voice pops up saying, ‘Sorry!The number you have dialed cannot be available at the moment. Please try again later.” and hearing this statement perhaps some people really gets mad and just rebuke to a recorded sound, sometimes does throw a phone!

Have we ever tried to find out who is the woman behind all those recorded voice ?

The voice that we hear in a Sim of Nepal Telecom is of Anupamaa Karacharya. After finding out that Nepal Telecom is in search for an artist to record a message for mobile service, than Anupama gave her audition by sending a voice clip to Nepal Telecom group. Luckily, Her voice got selected with some other artists. Similarly, The voice that we hear in English in Nepal Telecom is of Bhumika Thapa Shah. Singer Subani Moktan has also given her voice for the subsequent private Telecom company called Ncell.

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