Top 5 Celebrity Holi Pictures Gone Viral on Internet!! (Photo Feature)

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20th of March 2019 marked this year’s Hindu biggest festival Holi. Hindu spring fest Holi is celebrated predominantly in India and Nepal. This festive is also known as ‘Festival of colors/Festival of Love’. The festive signifies a victory of good over evil. Ending of winter and arrivals of Spring Holi is celebrated as a thanks giving for a good harvest.

Holi is also celebrated in our Kollywood industry with great fanfare.It is amongst one of the most celebrated festivals in the Kollywood. Every year, many Kollywood celebrities come together and celebrate Holi by playing with colours and grooving on hit Kollywood tracks. Social media is flooding with photos from celebrities celebrating the fun and vibrant festival.

So, Top 5 viral Holi pictures of Celebrities from Kollywood are:

1. Barsha Raut and Sanjog Koirala

2.Aanchal Sharma and Puspa Khadka

3. Salin Man Bania

4. Priyanka Karki

5. HariHar Adhikari