What is an Electoral College? How is an American president elected with this system?

Now whole world is eagerly waiting for the new president of US.

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There is undoudetly a worldwide concern in the final outcome of last Tuesday’s US presidential election.

So far, From the Democratic candidate Joe Biden is almost certain to win. But according to the specific data he has not yet reached the required electoral college vote.

There is a rule that a candidate should cross 270 electoral colleges which are needed to elect as   US president. Two senators are elected from each of the 50 states in the United States.In the House, of the constituencies they are determined on the basis of the population of the state. For example, if there are 53 members of the House are elected from California, the largest state in the United States. There are 53 electoral colleges in California, with that 53 in the House and two in the Senate. Similarly, in Texas, the second largest state, there are 36 electoral colleges with 36 members of the House and 2 senators.Electoral colleges in each state is different according to the population of that state.

And after that adding the electoral colleges of all the 50 states, the total will be 538. Of those 538, more than 50 percent, or 270, are elected president of the United States.

Therefore, the direct votes are generally counted only for the President of the United States to decide who won in which state. In any state, and if the candidate who gets the most direct votes e  wins all the electoral colleges in the state. And surprisingly,the loser does not even get an electoral college. For example, where Biden won 55 electoral colleges in California this time,Trump has won only 29 votes in Florida.