The way to Overcome Venustraphobia aka Worry of Lovely Girls

We all know that it’s common for males to turn out to be self-conscious and anxious within the presence of girls they discover enticing or stunning.

You will see many such situations in virtually each TV sequence, film, or novel!

However some individuals, in the identical scenario, would possibly face a higher diploma of hysteria which borders on a way of irrational concern and thus turns into a medical concern. This concern is named venustraphobia.

Does this not remind you of Rajesh Koothrappali from The Large Bang Idea? Although his incapability to talk within the presence of any girl stems from a situation generally known as selective mutism, venustraphobia works in an identical, or typically much more exaggerated means.

venustraphobia or caligynephobia


What’s Venustraphobia?

Derived from two Greek phrases: Venus – the Roman title of the Greek Goddess of magnificence and love, and Phobos, that means concern, venustraphobia actually interprets to the concern of lovely ladies and to not the concern of being stunning.

It is usually generally known as caligynephobia and is lesser recognized from the lengthy record of phobias.

This phobia would possibly attain irrational heights the place the mere considered assembly or talking to an attractive girl would possibly lead to full-blown panic assaults.

Somebody who has this phobia won’t even have met or spoken to the girl involved, however that doesn’t matter.

Venustraphobia will not be restricted to heterosexual grown males. Each adults and kids would possibly endure from it. Even gay and heterosexual ladies have had this phobia.

What Causes Venustraphobia?

There are fairly a number of causes of concern of enticing ladies:

Results of previous trauma

Generally, one would possibly develop a concern of magnificence as a result of some traumatic childhood expertise. It may need been an abusive mom or sister who was negligent and impassive.

The phobic may also have confronted a nasty break-up or divorce with an attractive girl and ended up associating each enticing girl with ache and struggling.

Not each one who went by way of a horrible break-up will face this, nevertheless it depends upon their inherent nature.

Genetic inheritance

An individual will not be all the time born with any explicit phobia. In all probability, whereas rising up, he noticed his father endure from caligynephilia and unconsciously imbibed the trait.

The concern would possibly even come from peer circles. If any of their mates confronted this, chances are high the individual involved may also begin behaving anxiously in entrance of enticing ladies.

Low shallowness

Typically, males or ladies with low shallowness or self-worth are extra prone to this kind of phobia.

In the event that they endure from emotions of inferiority or excessive shyness, they could need to keep away from associating with ladies who give a lovely and highly effective vibe.

Over competitiveness

Heterosexual males would possibly fall prey to venustraphobia if they’re extremely aggressive. Their instincts will overpower their rational sense, and any stunning girl would possibly seem like a risk to them.

Extreme stress

Somewhat quantity of stress helps push us ahead in our respective fields. However few individuals endure from the extreme strain that results in different issues.

An extreme quantity of stress ensuing from social nervousness would possibly lead one to really feel overwhelmed within the presence of lovely ladies.

The way to Overcome Venustraphobia

When affected by a phobia, skilled assist is likely to be your greatest guess. Solely then will you already know for positive that you’re making progress.

Listed below are some issues you’ll be able to to do overcome your concern.

Construct your shallowness

Strengthening your self-worth is one of the best ways to beat venustraphobia. There are a number of methods in which you’ll be able to attempt to enhance your shallowness.

You have to to deal with your well being, begin meditating and journaling. One thing as simple as confidence affirmations may help you on this case too. Set small, practical objectives and recognize your self for reaching them.

Publicity to the scary stimulus

Have you ever heard of ‘face what fears you probably the most?’ The phrase undoubtedly makes some sense.

This technique is named desensitization, and it really works by steadily exposing you to numerous conditions that incite your concern. These managed exposures will assist the individual notice that their fears should not all true, and thus they’ll turn out to be much less delicate to them.

Cognitive Behavioral Remedy (CBT)

Most occasions, the phobic imagines the danger of dealing with a selected scenario to be far more than it really is. CBT helps in figuring out and treating the false beliefs that result in such phobias and nervousness. It’s by far the most suitable choice for treating phobias.


Hypnotherapy helps to find the basis causes of the phobia {that a} explicit phobic faces. After identification, these causes are then professionally handled to assist the individual overcome their irrational concern.


Typically, treatment is taken into account the final choice if nothing else works or if the individual’s phobia reaches a no-return level.

In such instances, the phobic takes the prescribed drug to regulate their crippling nervousness, which acts as a barrier on their method to progress.

Last Phrase

Whereas it’s okay so that you can have sure fears however when it interferes along with your each day life is when it really will get extreme. Nonetheless, your situation is legitimate and it’s okay you probably have concern of lovely ladies as a result of it’s simply treatable with skilled assist. gives phobia remedy by a licensed therapist that understands your wants. Phobias don’t go away in a day or two, however with steady effort, time and dedication, you’ll overcome your concern.