10 most astonishing looking models in fashion industry!!!(Watch Video)

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Fashion is changing by expanding its horizons when it comes to diversity mostly in the matter or race and ethnicity. We see many beautiful faces in with perfect race, structure with perfect body figure. But some astonishing looking models in fashion industry. It is refreshing to see people who are not only imperfect, but their imperfections make them beautiful and make us stare in awe.

So here are top 10 astonishing looking models:
1. Carmen Dell’orefice
One of the oldest working models in the world, Carmen Dell’orefice turned 88 in the summer of 2019. This stunner has been gracing the pages of vogue magazine since the ripe age of 14, in 1946. She has been to epitome of glamour for decades, and has walked as posed for designers Issac Mirahi, Gianfranco Ferre, and Thierry Mugler. Carmen has admitted that her younger competition are just bodies for hire, and she likes to give advice about dieting, sex and life after the age of 80.

2. Refilwe Modiselle
In 2013 not only was Refilwe modiselle considered to be an older model. But also she was pushing beauty standards with her albino appearance. With all of her extreme features, white hair, and blue eyes, She is always the center of attention, which is something fashion designers love! The south African Born model always struggled with being Albino, because she actually black, and is the only white skinned person in her family. She learned to accept herself and be comfortable in her pale skin, and is now crushing it in modeling world!

3. Kanya Sesser
No legs? No problem, At least not for lingerie model Kanya Sesser. Sesser was born without legs, and abandoned on the steps of a Thai Buddhist Temple. Though not being deal the best hand in life, Sesser wouldn’t let anything stop her.She was eventually adopted at age 5, and moved to oregon. When she was 15 she started modeling, with her first shoot being for billabong. She didn’t quit there, now 26 years old modeled for brands such as volcom, Rop curl girl, and Nike.

4. Monica Riley
Monica Riley is a obese fetish model from fort worth, Texas.She started making headlines when came to that she aspired to be the largest woman in the world. Monica spends her day packing on the pounds thanks to her boyfriend Sid,who has devoted his life to making her dream come true.As of now, Monica is 700 pounds, and has her eyes set on being 1,000 pounds.Monica actually has over 20,000 fans online that love watching her funnel feed. She says the bigger she gets the sexier she feels, and her boyfriend Sid couldn’t agree more!.

5. Kelly Knox
Kelly Knox was discovered when she decided to enter a televised modeling competition for women with disabilities. She went on to win the show named “Britain’s Missing Top Model” even with no prior modeling experience.The specialty about Knox is that she was born with only half an arm on her left side. She has been able to be a successful model all over the UK, and now spends her spare time motivating other disabled people. She has become an ambassador for parallel London, which is the world’s first disableled, large scale, and participation run.

6. Nela Zisser
Most supermodels like to keep their tiny figures by watching what they eat and getting plenty of exercise.That just isn’t the case with model and Ex miss earth New Zealand, Nela Zisser. The model turn competitive food eater can really put the big macs back. The 23 year old can chow down on 6 burritos in 12 minuted, 22 big macs in one hour. A full breakfast of 20 eggs, A kilogram of bacon, 6 Sausages, 4 Muffins and more in just 42 minutes. She has quite an impressive appetite and likes to show off /her skills on her Youtube channels “Nelaeats”.

7. Winnie Harlow
This model has been making waves in the fashion world after being discovered by tyra banks on Instagram.The beautiful 2 year old, winnie harlow, embraces her vitilgo that she was diagnosed with at age 4. Vitiligo occurs in where patches on the skin when there is a lack of color producing chemical melanin. Because of her odd appearance, Harlow was teased when she was younger, and often contemplated suicide. Looks like she is having the last laugh now, because the girl now has a-list friends and an impressive modeling resume.

8. Madiline Stuart
Madiline Stuart may be one of the most inspirational models on the list. At 18 years old, she doesn’t let anything get in the way of her dreams.The Australian born model has down syndrome, but that doesn’t stop her.She loves the camera and in early 2016 she starred in a dream wedding photo shoot. She also proved that she could rock the runway when she walked the catwalk at new York Fashion week.The teenager hopes to inspire people, and let them know that being diagnosed with down syndrome is a blessing, not a hindrance.

9. Remco and Aad Vanderlinden
If you haven’t seen this father and son modeling team before it’s fro a good reason. Aad, a 70 years old retiree wasn’t discovered until early 2016. His son Remco has been an established model in Europe for years. While on holiday, Remco has a photo-shoot and convinced his dad to snap some photos with him. When Remco loaded the pictures on Facebook, they caught the eye of a German photographer, who immediately booked the father and son models for a campaign. Since then the pair have been in high demand all over Europe, and have an editorial with holland’s version of esquire magazine due out in late 2016.

10. Moffy- cross Eyes McGee
Moffy was catapulted to fame when she appeared on the cover of magazine after she was recommended to the editor by a friend. Her discovery was accidental and her unconventional looks earned her gig to be the face of Storm Models .
The British brunette beauty suffers from strabismus (cross eyes).

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