15 hidden secrets of Shiva’s Tandava

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Tandavam is a divine dance performance by the Hindu god Shiva. Shiva’s Tandava is described as a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution.

Some hidden secrets of shiva’s Tandava are:
1.Origin of Shiva’s Tandava was believed to assume two states, which is samadhi called superconscious state and the tandav called dance state.

2.Shiva Became Nataraj becuase the body movement performed to depict a particular event are known as natya and the one who performs this natya is a nat called actor.so, traditionally it is believed that Nataraj is the promoter of dance.Since Shiva is the pioneer amongst actors, the title of Natraj is according to him.

3.The Universe Is Shiva’s dance school and it is his playing field. He is not only dancer, he is observer too. In fact, Nataraj plays the role of creating a buzz in the universe through the commencement of his dance and merging the visible and invisible Creation into Himself when he stops dancing.

4.Nataraj is the manifest form of all godly activities. Nataraj’s dance represents the 5 actions of God(creation,sustenance,dissolution,covering of the great illusion and initiation. So Shiva is a cosmic Dancer.

5.Here is the shanskritik shloka that says the origin of Tandava प्रयोगमुद्धतं स्मृत्वा स्वप्रयुक्तं ततो हरः । तण्डुना स्वगणाग्रण्या भरताय न्यदीदिशत् ।। लास्यमस्याग्रतः प्रीत्या पार्वत्या समदीदिशत् । बुद्ध्वाऽथ ताण्डवं तण्डोः मत्र्येभ्यो मुनयोऽवदन् ।। – Sangitratnakar, Adhyaya 5, Shloka 5, 6

6.Shiva remembered and showed the uddhat dance that he had performed earlier to Sage Bharat, through the chief of his attendants, known as Tandu.

7.Shiva also makes Parvati perform the lasya dance with great enthusiasm in front of sage Bharat. Lasya is a dance performed by women.

8.Realising that the dance performed by Tandu was tandav, sage Bharat and others later taught these dances to mankind. The dance form in which the sound emitted by every cell in the body is Shiva tattva predominant, is known as the tandav dance.

9.The Tandav nritya is a dance performed by males and consisting of mudras. For instance, the dhyanmudra is performed when the tip of the thumb touches the index finger. As a result, the mounds of Jupiter and Venus get joined, meaning, the male and female unite.

10.The seven types of Tandav Nritya are: 1. Anandtandav 2. Sandhyatandav 3. Kalikatandav 4. Tripuratandav 5. Gouritandav 6. Sanhartandav, and 7. Umatandav

11.When Lord Shiva dances, all heavenly bodies respond…Saraswati Devi is said to be playing the veena, Indra is said to be playing the flute, Brahma is said to keep rhythm, Lakshmidevi is said to be singing, Vishnu is said to be playing the mrudanga and all other deities stand around watching the dance.

12.Of the seven types mentioned above, the Gouritandav and Umatandav are fearsome in depiction. In these dances lord Shiva assumes the form of Bhairav and is accompanied by Gouri. He performs this fearsome dance with the spirit attendants in a samshan, where the corpses burn.

13.Among Nataraj’s sattvik dance forms (along with the Sandhyatandav), the nadanta dance is also renowned. The idol of Nataraj at Chidambaram can be found in this very posture.

14.Followers of the Shaiva and the Shakta sects consider these dances to be symbols of specific principles. During such a destructive, fearsome dance, Shiva not only destroys the world but also frees jivas from bondage.

15.The samshan is selected as the backdrop to the dance to depict how the ego of a jiva gets reduced to ashes. Deities as well as demons enthusiastically accompany Shiva during the tandav dance.